The Life’s A Beach Ethos

7001175Life’s A Beach is renown for it’s relaxed, informal atmosphere both during the day, when operating as a beach cafe and  into the evening when it metamorphosises into a high-class seafood bistro.

It is sited in one of the best possible locations in the country, looking out across golden sands to the Atlantic Ocean. When the tide is in  there is almost the feeling that you are on a boat!
The daytime cafe  has a buzzing social beach cafe feel with top quality food ranging from baguettes, burgers, cheesy chips etc to mussels,  local fish dishes and home-made curries and pies. There is plenty of room to sit outside on warm sunny days and inside on the not-so-warm occasions!

In the evening, Life’s a Beach turns into a bistro with flowers and candles and of course, exceptionally good food while  still retaining its buzzing and sociable atmosphere. The chefs are all passionate about their food and proud of what they create. It comes very much from their heart and they therefore use the best quality local ingredients.

The staff are a well-established team now. David, the owner, has two of his best old school friends working alongside a confident, able team, the majority of whom have been together for the last twelve years. They have the experience and knowledge to make your Life’s a Beach visit the best possible onw with excellent food, service and atmospheric surroundings.


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